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What is the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA)?

JPA is an award winning social service agency founded over one hundred years ago by Jane Addams in Chicago. A century later, JPA’s mission remains steadfast - to serve vulnerable Chicago families experiencing poverty, community/domestic violence, as well as emotional deprivation, where potential for harm or neglect to children is greatest.  
JPA’s mission is to improve the social and emotional well-being and functioning of vulnerable children. Through therapeutic counseling, research, sharing knowledge, and providing expert consultation and guidance, JPA helps children and families develop strong, positive approaches to life enabling them to successfully navigate their environments and reach their fullest potential.  
JPA offers a wide range of services to children, parents, teachers, community groups, nonprofits, governmental agencies. Click here to read stories on JPA’s work in our community.
Karen G. Foley Appointed President and CEO
of Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) 
The Board of Directors for the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Karen G. Foley as President and CEO effective January 19, 2015.  Ms. Foley brings extensive corporate and child welfare experience to her leadership role at JPA. Previously, she served as President and CEO for The Hope Institute, serving children with autism and developmental delays across Illinois, and was also President of Chicago Scholars, a premier college to career program reaching hundreds of high potential students from low income communities annually.  Prior to that, she was an Executive Vice President and head of global marketing at CNA. Foley earned a Masters of Business Administration from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and her undergraduate degree from Hamilton (Kirkland) College.
“We are delighted to have someone with Karen’s experience, energy, and passion joining us at JPA. With her rich blend of corporate and human services, Karen brings vision, imagination, boldness, and strategic acumen that will help to advance JPA’s mission to new heights and grow our award winning agency in a fiscally responsible way,” stated Meredith Manni Meserow, Chairperson of the Board.

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