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Supporting Nonviolence in Ferguson Helps Children 

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri are another reminder that violence in all forms is toxic to children and steals something precious from their childhood. Violence on television, in the family, and in the community can convey to children that this is the best or only way to handle conflicts.

To help break the cycle of violence, parents, teachers, community leaders, and other adults have the responsibility and the opportunity to model nonviolent and constructive ways of responding to conflicts with others and expressing their own painful feelings. Adults can avoid demonizing and stereotyping people they disagree with and search for constructive ways to work with others to start to address the complex social problems that contributed to this incident.

Parents, teachers, and other caregivers can show children that they are interested in what children think and feel about the events in Ferguson. When children believe that adults genuinely listen to their perspective and support them in expressing their thoughts and feelings, they learn that talking will help them feel better and they have less need to act out. Parents and teachers should also work to help children feel safe, including avoiding harsh or abusive responses to children exhibiting emotional or behavioral problems.

Children learn their deepest lessons about life from how we treat them and how they see us treating others.

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The Richard H. Calica Center for Innovation in Children and Family Services

The Richard H. Calica Center for Innovation in Children and Family Services (The Calica Center) is housed at the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA), a nonprofit, social service agency that was skillfully and thoughtfully led by Richard for over 33 years.  The Calica Center develops innovative solutions to problems facing society’s most vulnerable children and their families. Through enhancements to JPA’s direct services (our “incubator”), consultation, evaluation and research, The Calica Center seeks to leverage what is learned about achieving better outcomes to assist others in improving their practice. The Calica Center embodies JPA’s commitment to excellence and to systematic and reflective learning about the most meaningful and effective ways of keeping children safe and helping children and families reach their full potential.  Excellence, innovation, learning and dissemination of knowledge (lessons learned) are core corporate values at JPA, all hallmarks of Richard’s leadership.

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Founded in 1901 by social worker and political pioneer Jane Addams, Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) is a private, non-profit agency that works with and on the behalf of children and families. Using highly trained professionals, JPA ensures the safety and emotional security of vulnerable children through therapeutic and supportive services; influences public policy through research and education; and brings hope to families.