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Mark your calendars for February 21, 2015 as JPA's Associate Board presents their second annual "All In for Kids" casino night!


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Here is our 2014 Signature Spring Benefit video!


The Richard H. Calica Center for Innovation in Children and Family Services

The Richard H. Calica Center for Innovation in Children and Family Services (The Calica Center) is housed at the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA), a nonprofit, social service agency that was skillfully and thoughtfully led by Richard for over 33 years.  The Calica Center develops innovative solutions to problems facing society’s most vulnerable children and their families. Through enhancements to JPA’s direct services (our “incubator”), consultation, evaluation and research, The Calica Center seeks to leverage what is learned about achieving better outcomes to assist others in improving their practice. The Calica Center embodies JPA’s commitment to excellence and to systematic and reflective learning about the most meaningful and effective ways of keeping children safe and helping children and families reach their full potential.  Excellence, innovation, learning and dissemination of knowledge (lessons learned) are core corporate values at JPA, all hallmarks of Richard’s leadership.

If you would like to donate The Calica Center, please click here.  Thank you so much for your support and stay turned for exciting updates!


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Helping children. Strengthening families. Building healthy futures.

Founded in 1901 by social worker and political pioneer Jane Addams, Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) is a private, non-profit agency that works with and on the behalf of children and families. Using highly trained professionals, JPA ensures the safety and emotional security of vulnerable children through therapeutic and supportive services; influences public policy through research and education; and brings hope to families.